Ezgi Çallar - 3

Some people feel that animals should have the same rights as humans, but others think they are not as equal or intelligent as us so should not have the same rights.

Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.

In modern world, as humanity arouse, some notions such as equality, fairness and liberty came into light. Although all these conceptions inspired human rights, some people today think that animals should have the same rights as our species. Oppositely, many of them disagree with this opinion.

On the one hand, a group of people who defend that animals should be equal to humans think that all living beings should live in their own regions with freedom. Unfortunately, the district of animals are destroyed by people just for their own benefits. However, global warming, decreasing natural resources and over-population have led to narrow areas where animals live. Neverthless, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, in contrast to animals. To avoid this, humanity should give animals some rights. Human beings have built lots of gigantic factories where some kinds of animals have been used for the sake of humanity. These animals have been included in some kinds of processes which unluckily can be seriously painful for them. To prevent this violence, many people firmly back up this opinion.

On the other hand, some other group of people suggest that animals cannot have the same rights as humans do because of genesis. They are not intelligent, and do not have strong and thinking brains like we do. Especially, religionist people believe that animals are created for the sake of humanity and all of them exist on earth just for people. They believe that it is an undeniable fact that humans need some animal products. They require some vitamins and energy to be able to survive. So that, dairy and meat products are valuable for people. To sum up, the proponants of this idea think that people need animal products and if we give some rights to animals, our food supply will get low.

In my humble opinion, animals shoud not have the same rights with humans, but they shoud have their own rights in terms of independency like human beings. They are alive like humanity is. Additevely, they deserve living without misery in spite of the fact that we need them for food. Production process should be limited by law for animals without making them suffer. Moreover, hunting should be under a ban in global way. In addition, natural resources need to be repaired with all possible dispatch.

In conclusion, in modern world, people and animals are living together and all of us are dependent on each other. Humanity can be more intelligent than animals, but this intelligence brings humans some responsibilites towards animals rights and people should preserve them.